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I work online for your comfort and convenience
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I hope counselling can be a place where you can have enough trust to talk freely without the fear of rejection that may be holding you back in your life, where it’s okay to feel lost or confused or different.

About Counselling

I work with adults who are over 18, on Zoom. I can help you with Zoom if you’re not too sure about it. People tell me that they find Zoom effective and convenient. There’s no travel time to fit in, and no parking or Covid to worry about! You can be in the comfort of your own space.

With the busy person in mind, I have a flexible diary and although I offer mainly daytime or early evening appointments I do my best to fit with your schedule.

I am a sensitive, experienced, trauma-informed therapist. I work in a gentle, caring and careful way to support you through difficult times and enable you to talk through what is on your mind.

Except in very rare circumstances which I will explain to you, counselling is confidential. It gives you an opportunity to explore whatever is on your mind in a more open and honest than might be possible in your day-to-day relationships. It is a time that is specially for you and can feel like a respite from the pressures of life.

If you are expecting instant results I may not be the therapist for you because I am usually at my best working at depth. But please don’t be worried by that as things develop gradually and you may be surprised at how this happens naturally. It may take a little time to get used to the process and to talking with me, and sometimes people tell me that they worried about it beforehand but it actually flowed once we got started! Often people have been holding onto things in their minds for a long time and finally being able to share can bring a great sense of relief. No longer feeling alone with problems can in itself be very therapeutic and help you to feel more resilient.

Counselling can help you see things more clearly, perhaps gain a different perspective and discover things about yourself, maybe even finding out some strengths you didn’t know you had. It’s not about me telling you what to do or having a treatment manual (I don’t!) but about helping yourself to know and understand yourself so that you can better support yourself. You may find yourself feeling more able to cope, less stressed and having more choice about how you live your life.

‘When a door of happiness closes, another one opens: but often we look so long at the closed door, that we do not see the next door which is open for us.’

Helen Keller